A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Crystal Chrysalis is a party based FPS where your team explores different worlds defeating monsters to collect powerful weapons and magic and make friends with aliens.

- This game is in early development with features and areas restricted for the demo.

- Thanks for playing!!!


Left Mouse: Attack

Right Mouse: Cast Magic

Scroll Wheel: Swap Weapon

WASD: Move Character

E: Use

F: Swap Weapon

Space: Jump

Tab: Game Menu

Escape: Pause Menu

1,2,3: Switch Character

Install instructions

Download and uncompress, then run exe/app/binary.


Crystal_Chrysalis_Windows.rar 175 MB
Crystal_Chrysalis_Linux.rar 156 MB
Crystal_Chrysalis_Mac.rar 156 MB


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here's some random picky critique, take it as you will:

For the monster sprites: consider using a padding between frames in the spritesheets (configure in the sprite slicer), I think this is what causes that thin line at the border of the monster's sprite square.

Also having a visual strike marker (brief effect at point of collision) would be very helpful for the player to gauge hit distance, since the 2D nature of the sprites makes it sometimes tough to tell when your melee attack is in range.

You run faster diagonally, and can jump quite farther when running diagonally as well. Its your choice to change this, but know bouncing around is going to become a pro-strat if you keep this in.

sidenote: those two files (player_win_x86.pdb and player_win_x86_s.pdb) in the root directory are files that are generated when you select "development build" They kinda bump up the filesize, and you don't need them to play it.

sidenote 2: after building, check the editor log to see a breakdown of what takes up space in your final build. I'm guessing you could slim the filesize down a bit with some of unity's texture compression options (for nonsprites that is)

I look forward to seeing this finished, don't drop it!

Thanks! I'll get those fixes in for next DD. I had no idea about the filesize, this game shouldn't be that large.

Ok I think the strike marker was just landing at the character origin which was useless, so need to get the exact location over the sprites, maybe just move the strike sprite some small delta towards the camera.

Can't decide if I should leave fast strafing in, I think most players see this as an issue, so will probably fix. Or maybe add a special strafing magic ;)

Fun game, pretty high-quality for an indie game

Could see the body sprite when I looked down though. Also the screen cut off the top and bottom, I think what happened was your HUD stuff was at an absolute resolution. I was playing at a lower-res 16:9 resolution and couldn't see health or what was at the bottom

Nice work though, liked the style of the enemys and the controls were good

Thanks EV! Will fix these issues for the next release.