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A simple action RPG game spanning a few worlds linked by portals.

Take control of up to 3 characters at once and travel through a very proto overworld. Encounters in the overworld will cause the player to enter combat areas. Defeat the enemies in the area and move to the exits to continue.

All feedback welcome, thanks for playing :)



Hexagonal magic crystals can be bound to "brackets" or items you can equip in the equipment menu.

First equip a bracket, then drag crystals into crystal slots.

Effects of neighboring crystals are combined (ie area effects + fire == fire area attack etc.)

Magic effects are applied to your weapon. This will be changed later so only some weapons take on magic effects.


Enter the party menu and change party members by clicking two character portraits to swap places.


Move - wasd

Jump - space

Attack - left mouse click

Swap Weapon - f

Swap Bracket - r

Pickup/Open - e

Menu - tab

Change Handedness - h

Change Perspective - v (1st, 3rd person)

Change Character - {1,2,3} for each character (this will be simplified)

Exit/Game Options - Escape

Install instructions

Unzip cc_release.zip and then execute cc_release.exe


cc_release.rar 172 MB

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